Are you a corporate professional who has to become an entrepreneur?

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Career Pivots for Corporate Refugees to Entrepreneurship

How to plan your entry into the open frontier of entrepreneurship and
become startup ready for early stage firms


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What does “startup ready” mean?

It means that you possess the habits of mind, moods, and daily practices of professional entrepreneurs.

It means that you possess the active knowledge of real-world startup situations.

It means that you know how to contribute on day one to the mission success of a startup as co-founder, coach, or an A-team new hire.

It means that you can demonstrate how you’re a good fit in a funded startup, scaling rocket ship, and go-go growth enterprise driving for an IPO.

It means that you can recognize who is ready to hire for your growing startup.

Startup Ready means that you’re prepared to meet your destiny, fortune, and good luck.

About Startup Ready.Net

Startup Ready.Net offers consulting, programs, and social learning environments for entrepreneurs to create the future that they want for themselves, their family, and their communities.

Social Learning Environments

We describe our social learning environments as a “yoga studio” for practitioners of the Lean Startup and Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodologies.

Startup Ready provides a social learning environment for entrepreneurs

The work of these social learning environments focuses on small-group projects, peer coaching, and a non-technical equivalent of pair programming.


Meetups combine a social mixer, brief talk, masterclass demonstration, and small-group projects. Meetups also provide an excellent way to test the waters, talk with peers and coaches, and confirm (or disconfirm!) this hypothesis: “I can get a lot valuable insights, industry introductions, and practical knowledge at a Startup Ready.Net event.”

Skill Salons combine the best practices from adult learning, task-based training, professional sports clinics, pair programming with Agile methods, executive coaching, improv theater, NLP aptitude modeling, and scenario-based role-playing. Skill Salons differ from traditional workshops and seminars. Skill Salons introduce and reinforce the protocols of social learning, reverse mentoring, and learn by doing.

Collaboratories provide follow-on support and peer interaction from Skill Salons. Collaboratories combine aspects of peer coaching and tabletop science experiments with collaborative whiteboards, document sharing, and web meetings.

Next Practice Academies provide a fun, low-consequence environment for deliberate practice of entrepreneurship and the art of disclosing new worlds. The Academies focus on learn-by-doing in 20 to 45-minute small-group sessions and aptitude modeling of volunteers who have mastered a skill that others want to learn.


Most of the material we offer has come from coaching startups and consulting with enterprises. These learning resources incorporate many Learn-Build-Measure cycles of application. In a phrase, battle hardened.

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