Are you Startup Ready?

By “startup ready” we mean a mindset or habits of mind that most successful entrepreneurs and innovators demonstrate in their decision-making, social relations, and daily work.

Why bother?

We believe that as the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, millions of currently employed managers and executives will find themselves in disrupted industries, at the terminal end of a career plan, and with few good job prospects.

Yes, innovation will create millions of new jobs. However, very few of us will possess the prerequisite skills and experience to qualify for those jobs.

Some pundits believe that we must become more entrepreneurial or creative about how we pursue a career.

We believe that’s necessary but insufficient.

Startup Ready is about being prepared for ongoing disruption of the status quo, careers, and life plans.

Yes, if you want to start a company, you definitely want to become Startup Ready.

However, if you simply want to continue to earn a good living, provide for your family, and develop your professional skills, Startup Ready will let you see new vistas and great opportunities for career success — all hiding in plain sight.

Startup Ready is about having the choice to create or join a startup, knowing from personal experience what needs to get done, how to get it done quickly, and how to thrive in chaotic, fast-paced environments of a startup.

Active knowledge

Startup Ready is a managed inventory of personal know-how and the confidence to jump into a startup and make a difference.

As a learnable predisposition or mode of personal engagement, Startup Ready entails a body of tacit knowledge:  wicked-fast associative cognitive patterns that connect people with opportunities and desirable futures, with situations and intentional results, and with breakdowns and conversations for action.

You might recognize some form of tacit knowledge as muscle memory of athletes—the ability to perform complex tasks or maneuvers under extreme pressure with maximum efficiency and without conscious effort.

The Startup Ready Manifesto is dedicated to the discovery, modeling, and rapid transfer of the skills and aptitudes of accomplished entrepreneurs, innovators, and coaches, using a variety of innovations and breakthroughs from cognitive science, neurolinguistics, micro-learning, and storytelling.


Startup Ready is about the choice and commitment to count the things that matter.

Yes, successful entrepreneurs count certain things that employees or consultants do not typically count.

What are those things?

Startup Ready is not a curriculum. It’s not a structured, linear set of things to learn.  It’s an open-ended inquiry that you own, direct, and pace according to your preferred learning styles and situation.

Mastery of one’s moods

Startup Ready means that we have come to understand and begun to master one’s personal moods and levels of energy.

Startup Ready means that we learned how to become more  mindful of the felt-sensed feelings as they flow through us and more effective in choosing, as an act of will, the moods of serenity, optimism, ambition, and thrilled improvisation with others.

Embrace of the new

Startup Ready not only means that we  anticipate and “lean into” change and innovation.

Startup Ready means that we schedule time to learn new things, including how to better learn to learn new things.

As with all things that entail deliberate practice, Startup Ready means getting out of your comfort zone as a daily habit.

 Impelled not compelled

Startup Ready is about motivation arising from a moral sense of what one must do, generally in the service of some common good.

The basis of motivation of Startup Ready arises from a personal dedication to a mission or calling and can, when burnished by self-mastery, become a true force of nature — which the uninformed and the idiots call a “reality distortion field.”

Epic journey of self-invention

Startup Ready emphasizes the discovery and  subsequent full investment in one’s God-given gifts, genius talents, skills and aptitudes, and tacit knowledge networks (your cognitive crew of collaborators and go-to resources within your circles of trust).

Startup Ready means, like all other heroes in their mythic quest, entering into a contest with fate and destiny.

Startup Ready is about not only inventing the future. It is about inventing a future identity.

Startup Ready is not a destination or endpoint. Rather, it’s about deliberate preparedness and how you engage life and others through the lens of entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformational narrative.

Yes, Startup Ready is about how to create wealth, career success, recognition of peers, and profound meaning in your life and in those around you.

Yes, Startup Ready is about becoming a professional entrepreneur and an effective coach of other entrepreneurs and innovators.

Yes, Startup Ready is about all that and more.

Startup Ready is about living the answer to the central question to a life well-lived: “Why not?”

 RU Startup Ready?