We assist corporate executives and  knowledge workers learn how to think and act in more direct, less stressful, and powerful ways, especially as they formulate and execute an “exit plan” from corporate life and become solo-preneurs and prepared to join or found a startup. In a phrase, we speed their transition of Inbox-processing employees to freedom-loving entrepreneurs who create and live their dreams.

Startup Ready constitutes a mindset of the professional and accomplished innovator, entrepreneur, or indie performing artist.

We are pioneering new methods and always-on systems for continuous adult-learning, peer coaching, and mastery.

We are developing action sets and get-it-done “hacks” through the systematic modeling of key behaviors, beliefs, and cognitive strategies of masterclass practitioners.

We will deliver these action sets and get-it-done hacks through in-person Skill Salons, virtual pair-development sessions, always-on collaboratories, and microlearning systems.

Michael Moon

Michael Moon delivering keynote address, Do Brands Still Matter?, to the Finnish Advertising Association in Helsinki FinlandMichael Jay Moon serves currently as the President and CEO of GISTICS Inc., an innovation think-tank based in Silicon Valley dedicated to the profession and craft of innovation, entrepreneurship, and transmedia storytelling.

Michael coaches entrepreneurs in bootstrapping and enterprise startups, specializing in the crucial systems and processes for customer, product, and organizational development. He applies many of the principles and practices of the Lean Startup/Running Lean, Getting Things Done, 4-hour Workweek, E-Myth Mastery, and Conversations for Action.

Michael delivers executive programs for building high-performance entrepreneurial cultures, using a combination of action learning and peer coaching in small-group settings.

Earlier in his career, he has advised 75-plus global firms on system design for the management of global brands, customer engagement, and digital assets, and tacit knowledge networks.

Michael has delivered more than 400 keynotes, presentations, and seminars around the world and published more than 75 white papers, long-form interviews, and market reports. He has lectured at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, California State University East Bay, Fielding Institute, and St. Pölten University (AT).

McGraw-Hill and its international affiliates offer Mr. Moon’s book, Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age in 13 languages.

Stan Knutson

Stan KnutsonStan Knutson brings experience from more than 20 years of working in startups to this work. He is currently a chief architect at SAP where he manages design of a new product being built by a multi-national team.His successes include being chief engineer at ICAD from its early days through when it went public, and co-founder and chief architect of Purisma, a big data and master data management company acquired by Dun and Bradstreet. He also was involved in four other ventures that failed, so he understands what does not work.He brings the discipline of an experienced executive as well as the “beginners mind” needed to start a venture in helping people grow their career and businesses.He has two degrees from MIT and many years of studying business, leadership and innovation.